22 Aug 2013

Out for a drink

Top from Quan Boutique - Shorts from Qipu Lu - Louis Vuitton Bag - Zara Heels

This is a more chic outfit than the previous one I posted.. I choose this outfit to go out for a drink at the VUE Bar at Hyatt on the Bun (I will talk about this bar in another post). I hesitated to wear theses green heels with my blue shorts but at the end, I think it's pretty good. 
What do you think? 

Aujourd'hui, je vous montre une tenue un peu plus habillée que les précédentes. J'ai choisi cette tenue pour aller boire un verre au Bar VUE qui se situe dans l'hôtel Hyatt on the Bund (je vous parlerai du bar dans un autre post ;)). 
J'ai hésité à mettre ces talons verts avec mon short bleu mais au final, je trouve que ça rend plûtot pas mal ! 
Qu'en pensez vous ? 


  1. i like so much this outfit. you look very beautiful. i like also the combination of the colors. and your shoes are so gorgeous!!
    if you have pleasure come to visit my blog..we can keep in touch. kisses

    1. Thank you Sofia! It means a lot to have your opinion ! I will definitely wear this combo again ;)

  2. I am obsessed with this outfit! Love the green and blue combo!

    Adorable blog, babe! Following you now, Hope you can share the love back by visiting/following my blog.

    Much love from Canada~

    1. Thank you so much KD !
      Love your blog too !!